Pre-commit reviews with automatic shelvesets

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Pre-commit reviews with automatic shelvesets

Post by brett.postin » Mon 31 Mar 2014 09:29

Since toying around with Review Assistant, I have been under the impression that in order to create a pre-commit review you first need to (manually) create a shelveset and then add that as a revision to the review.

However in the discussion under the following post, one of your colleagues suggests that pre-commit reviews could be requested with the automatic creation of a shelveset:

I'm unable to see how to achieve this.

I'm aware you can create Ad-Hoc review but this seems to be for a single file/comments only. One of the great things about the in-built (TFS) code review system is the ability to just create a code review and it automatically suspend the current pending changes into a shelveset for the review.

Is the same functionality possible in Review Assistant?

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Re: Pre-commit reviews with automatic shelvesets

Post by AlexeyN » Mon 31 Mar 2014 12:10

Unfortunately, Review Assistant can not create a shelveset on demand automatically. I think, that user mistakenly wrote about the Visual Studio in-built review tool.

As you mentioned above, you should to shelve changes manually and then add them to the review: ... veset.html

We will think how to simplify that case.

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