Update Notification Inaccessible

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Update Notification Inaccessible

Post by Saintless » Fri 09 Aug 2013 14:40

I have Review Assistant installed, to evaluate whether it would be useful for our team. I opened Visual Studio 2012 this morning, and got an update notification from Review Assistant. My current version is, and the update is to version 1.2.35. The dialogue box was titled Review Assistant Updater.

I am unable to click on the notification, or on Visual Studio. I can't even close them, using the Windows 7 live taskbar preview.

When I try to Alt + Tab to either Visual Studio or the update notification, they don't exist in the rotation of open programs, so I cannot Alt + Tab to them. They do exist in the taskbar, and when I hover over Visual Studio, I do see the live preview for both Visual Studio and the update notification. When I click on either of them from the taskbar preview, Visual Studio comes into focus, with the "Review Assistant Updater" notification over Visual Studio. Neither of them respond when I try to click on them. I cannot move the notification dialogue by clicking and dragging the top of the window. When I hover over Visual Studio in the taskbar, and click the "X" from the live preview for either VS or the notification, nothing happens.

I used Task Manager to End Task on the Review Assistant update notification dialogue box, and at that point, Visual Studio began behaving as normal, it was in the Alt + Tab rotation, and now responds to normal interactions with the window.

I'm not really looking for a solution, I just wanted to report the bug. I'm not sure that this will affect my review of the product, as long as the features end up being what I'm looking for. If the plug-in seems buggy in other ways, I will probably note that, but in my very limited use, so far, of Review Assistant, I don't feel like it is. And I recognize the possibility that there was something else that caused this, although I've not seen this behavior before.

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Re: Update Notification Inaccessible

Post by AlexeyN » Fri 09 Aug 2013 15:24

Thank you for so detailed information. We will investigate and fix the issue.

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