Comparison between 2 versions on different repository

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Comparison between 2 versions on different repository

Post by jfcote » Thu 11 Apr 2013 13:42


I have already written to the technical support about this but I'm not sure if it worked because the website was very slow so here is my question again. I also though that it could benefit other users. So here is my question:

We are a small team of developper in the process of evaluating your product « Review Assistant ». Yesterday, we set up everything and it seems to work.

But today, we faced something very weird.

Here is the scenario. We have one application, let’s call it ApplicationA. This application is in the trunk of our SVN repository.
We also have some older version of applicationA that we still maintain. These are in the Branches of the same SVN repository. Let’s call it Branch1 and Branch2

The problem we face is that one member of our team created a review of one of his revision in ApplicationA. During the creation of the review, he selected only one revision (119045, his last commit).

When team member 2 received the review, he clicked on « Compare Base and Last Revisions ». Here is the problem : The Code Compare window that opened was comparing revision « 119045 » with « 119044 ». In Application A, there is no revision « 119044 »!!! (this is one commit in Branch2 of the same file). So the comparison was a bad one, it was comparing with an older file, from an old version of Application A in another branch.

We also tried to select 2 revisions when creating a review but then, it’s another problem, it contains the change from both revision and not the difference between the 2….

Are we doing something wrong? Because I think our setup with the trunk and branch is pretty standard.

Please help because for everything else, your product is very great and we would love to buy it!

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Re: Comparison between 2 versions on different repository

Post by AlexeyN » Thu 11 Apr 2013 16:19


We confirmed existence of the problem. We repeat the situation in TortoiseSVN and it acts like Review Assistant, when launching 'Show changes' command, it just compares 'CurrentRevision' with 'CurrentRevision - 1', no matter if 'CurrentRevision - 1' is in another branch. In the future version we will think how to solve this problem.
If you use TortoiseSVN as a workaround, you can open specified revisions comparison from TortoiseSVN in the Visual Studio Code Compare extension - and Review Assistant will resolve, that those opened files are the previous versions of the working copy file, so you will be able to add comments in the comparison.
For performing that, you should use the latest TortoiseSVN client (do not forget to check "Command line client tools" during installation), the latest Code Compare and the latest Review Assistant. Then properly setup Code Compare integration to TortoiseSVN (item 4: 'To work with comments in Review Assistant, you need to specify additional arguments...'). After that run VS with Review Assistant, login to its server - and you will be able to comment files, that were opened from TortoiseSVN

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Re: Comparison between 2 versions on different repository

Post by jfcote » Thu 11 Apr 2013 18:01

Sorry about that,

I think it's an error on our side. We didn't notice that there was a merge on that revision.

Thanks for the quick reply!


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