Review Assistant extension doesn't load in Visual Studio

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Review Assistant extension doesn't load in Visual Studio

Post by wblackshear » Tue 01 Feb 2022 13:29

I read the other post about Visual Studio 2022. We just went through the process of working with Devart sales to purchase another license for Review Assistant. We told support specifically this was so we could upgrade to Visual Studio 2022 since our old version of Review Assistant wasn't compatible with Visual Studio 2022. We took a server side upgrade as well to go along with this.

When I install, and check the box for Visual Studio 2022 integration, it doesn't show up in any menu. I can see that it is installed in the extensions tool, but cannot figure out how to make it available to use. I don't have any menu items or the right click option on a file in source control explorer like there used to be in Visual Studio 2017.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, or if I need to download and install a different client version.

Can someone from Devart support respond to this message. I sent an email and used the contact feature on the website yesterday but haven't heard back yet.


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