Service fails to start if DB unavailable

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Service fails to start if DB unavailable

Post by sbone » Mon 01 Jul 2019 12:30

The DevArt Review Assistant Service fails to start if the SQL database is not available. Although it is set as Automatic (Delayed Start), our database is on a different server, and when performing server maintenance at times the SQL Server has not finished its reboot when the DevArt Review Assistant Service starts and it fails to start. This being a rather standard use case, I am surprised not to see other forum posts regarding this. Can you please fix it?


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Review Assistant 4.1.237.

If you can not resolve this error, please contact Devart support team:

Error occurred in Perform at 7/1/2019 7:58:34 AM:

Message: Database does not exist or service logon user has no rights to access it.
Source: ReviewAssistantServer
TargetSite: Void #=qCokK4hFL7ldtsVqpiS9d0qJBFsutp5ZX3sM8xi2iPyE=(Devart.ReviewAssistant.Data.ReviewAssistantContext)
Type: System.InvalidOperationException
HResult: -2146233079
   at Devart.ReviewAssistant.Server.ServerService.#=qLUkMJM$RnaMpL8i7fk0SKovElhPZWGeEjeRP5rDoP1o=.#=qCokK4hFL7ldtsVqpiS9d0qJBFsutp5ZX3sM8xi2iPyE=(ReviewAssistantContext #=q54Oi$S5tA9_$4zGiWa3H0Q==)
   at Devart.ReviewAssistant.Server.ServerService.#=qFvgMFrJY63qp_3lWtx_$pg==(Action`1 #=qXXU5aYlThZlKuonyCLWWbQ==)

Devart Team
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Re: Service fails to start if DB unavailable

Post by mstislavs » Mon 08 Jul 2019 12:17


Thank you for reporting the problem. We will fix this bug in the next maintenance release.

Best regards,
Mstislav Sakidon
Devart Team

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