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Post by Mark2018 » Mon 26 Nov 2018 15:06

I have an odd behaviour in TliteTable;
working with two TLiteTables on the same DB table, adding few records useing the first TliteTable1 and committing,
if I open the 2nd TLiteTable2 I cannot LOCATE the records just added...
It seems due to FetchAll=False on second table.
But the manual says that
When the FetchAll property is False, the first call to TMemDataSet.Locate and TMemDataSet.LocateEx methods may take a lot of time to retrieve additional records to the client side.
which means some more time necessary, Not that records are not found at all...
With FetchAll=False also the TLiteTable2 .RecordCount result wrong (without records just added and committed).
Of course everything is correct (Locate, RecCount) working on TLiteTable1 only.
What is the right interpretation of FetchAll together with RecordCount ?


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Re: liteTable.FetchAll

Post by MaximG » Thu 29 Nov 2018 12:04

We tested the operation of our product according to your description and found no problems. Please describe the behavior you are interested in in more detail. Perhaps you can compose and send us a small sample clearly demonstrating the issue. For your convenience, please use the e-support form (
To get the number of records when using the FetchAll=False property, use the QueryRecCount option: ... ccount.htm

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