TLiteQuery append causes disappearing rows in TTMSFMXGrid

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TLiteQuery append causes disappearing rows in TTMSFMXGrid

Post by scottlynn » Tue 07 Feb 2017 17:18

I have an unusual issue involving a TLiteQuery showing on a TTMSFMXGrid. I have contacted support at TMS Components and tried some tests over there. Wondering if the DevArt side can offer suggestions.

- Firemonkey app with a SQLite database.
- TLiteQuery with a subquery record lookup:

(SELECT FullName FROM Users U WHERE U.UserGUID = UC.UserGUID) AS FullName,
FROM UserClasses UC
WHERE IsFinished = 0
ORDER BY GradeNumeric, ClassName, FullName

Everything else is working great. My other grid/TMS tables are looking great. But in this case, when I append a record TLiteQuery.Append and open the editor, the TMS grid blanks out some of the rows depending on where the current record pointer is located. So if there are 7 rows in the resulting query, and the 4th one is highlighted and code executes a TLiteQuery.Append, the 4th through 7th rows disappear in the TMS grid while in the append, but then when you post or cancel, the rows reappear just fine. It is visually frustrating and I need to address.

Is there anything on the DevArt side, any properties of the TLiteQuery, that I can use to control or debug this?

Scott Lynn

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Re: TLiteQuery append causes disappearing rows in TTMSFMXGrid

Post by MaximG » Wed 01 Mar 2017 08:54

We checked LiteDAC work when using visual components, including in RAD Studio, according to your description and found no problems. Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to check LiteDAC work with many visual third-part components. Therefore if there are any difficulties when using a third-part component, you need to contact its developers. We can investigate our products problems when using only standard visual components. Try to reproduce the problem without using TTMSFMXGrid . In this case, we will be able to investigate your application code and solve the problem.

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