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Encryption OsX

Posted: Mon 26 Dec 2016 09:36
There seems to be no support fro encryption on OSX. database encrypted or malfunctioning.
Is this real - or because I'm using the trial version? I'm owning UNI Dac - but trying Lite Version for the encryption reason. The whole file has to be encrypted - tables only is unusable.
If not working - has anyone an alternitive. I must use encryption - on PC and Mac.
Thanx in advance

Re: Encryption OsX

Posted: Tue 27 Dec 2016 16:03
by MaximG
You can use encryption when developing applications for Windows and MacOS using LiteDAC. LiteDAC supports two encryption methods : at the level of individual table fields ( ) and encrypting the whole DB file ( An alternative solution is to use a client library with encryption functions support, for example the following one : . Please specify what encryption method you are using in your project. What problems occur in your application when using LiteDAC ?