Documentation problem re: DB Encryption

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Documentation problem re: DB Encryption

Post by Steven » Sat 11 Jan 2014 07:16

Hi Alex,

I ran into a problem trying to implement DB encryption following the online documentation.
I found the answer on this forum in the following thread:

The solution that you gave in that thread to include "LiteCall" in Uses section (which immediately fixed my issue) is not mentioned in the online documentation at: ... ENCRYPTION

Component dev question (or suggestion) regarding this:
While the quick fix is to update the documentation, shouldn't the LiteCall module be auto inserted in the Uses when the TLiteConnection component is dropped on the form? or auto inserted when the app is compiled?

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Re: Documentation problem re: DB Encryption

Post by AlexP » Sat 11 Jan 2014 13:11


We have fixed the problem, and now the LiteCall unit is automatically added to the uses section when adding the LiteConnection component to the form. This fix will be available in the next version, which also will include updated documentation.

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