Open Database From MemoryStream

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Open Database From MemoryStream

Post by hmelihkara » Fri 18 Oct 2013 15:22

Can we load and open database from a memory stream? What we want to achieve is:
- Pack empty database into a resource file and compile it
- Extract database to a memory stream while application running
- Load database from memory stream to vcl component
- Insert data from internet (from some php file, etc.) and query it

We do not need to save any information back to database and save it, so opening empty database every time application runs is expected and normal. Just need this for making some t-sql query because your virtual table still haven't got this feature. We'd use tvirtualtable + txquery to achieve this but txquery component full of bugs and we're getting so many AVs during queries.

So, simply we want to use sqllite db as a t-sql capable virtual table...
Or do you have any plans to add t-sql support (as we voted this many times before) to your virtual table?


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Re: Open Database From MemoryStream

Post by AlexP » Mon 21 Oct 2013 09:57


SQLite doesn't support work with a database from a thread. You can save to a disk the DB file loaded from resources and work with it in LiteDAC.

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