Fastest data access

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Fastest data access

Post by Tarifer » Tue 28 Aug 2012 08:08


What is fastest way to read data?
I open simple SQL and read big amount of data (50M rows for now).
I can't use group (I backup every row to).
Can I use some fast low-level interface for data access?

Dmitry Ukolov.

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Re: Fastest data access

Post by ZEuS » Wed 29 Aug 2012 11:16

SQLite does not provide any special API functions for fast reading large amounts of data.
LiteDAC is built using fast and optimized data access algorithms, so using LiteDAC you get a quite high performance level.
In order to increase data reading speed, you can set the LiteQuery.UniDirectional property to True and the LiteQuery.FetchAll property to False.
Please note that UniDirectional datasets cannot be modified.
For more information about increasing performance, please refer to the "Increasing Performance" article in the LiteDAC documentation.

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