Password protect SQLite DB

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Password protect SQLite DB

Post by CodeManKS » Thu 28 Mar 2019 13:31

Hi there,

is it possible to protect a SQLite - DB with password with dotConnect universal?

Many thanks for your support.

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Re: Password protect SQLite DB

Post by Pinturiccio » Wed 03 Apr 2019 12:15

SQLite source does not provide password protection in its usual sqlite3.dll engine. However, you can use encryption extensions and encrypt your SQLite database and protect it with password.

dotConnect for SQLite (and dotConnect Universal) supports the following kinds of encryption: SEE, CEROD, SQLiteCrypt and SQLCipher. But you have to purchase the respective SQLite extension, because our provider works with SEE, CEROD, SQLiteCrypt and SQLCipher encryption only if you have the corresponding extension. For more information, please refer to ... nMode.html

Please note that dotConnect Universal uses common ADO.NET features and does not use specific features of the providers. For example UniConnection does not have the ChangePassword method and you won't be able to change a password or encrypt an unencrypted database with an encryption in dotConnect Universal. For this you need to use dotConnect for SQLite. However, you can specify in connection string needed parameters to connect to a database with dotConnect Universal and connect and work with SEE, CEROD, SQLiteCrypt or SQLCipher database.

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Re: Password protect SQLite DB

Post by cbc700 » Tue 20 Apr 2021 08:48

Hi. If you missed my post on a similar issue, please see it:

And, there is an excellent modern freeware SEE-compatible SQLite encryption library named SQLite3MultipleCiphers available here:

I'm using it with dotConnect for an application -- works well.

Good luck.


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