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UniDirect for Delphi

Post by Guest » Sun 15 Jan 2006 11:32


Any chance to release a version of UniDirect .Net for Delphi Win32?

we are planning to start developing large accounting systems with support to multiple Databases, and we like your components for developing that, but it will be harder to work with multiple databases with diffrenet components, I see you only release this for .Net, but we don't think to use it for our desktop applications

any chance to support Delphi for win32? or is there any solutions to work with multiple databases with same sit of direct access components?

Thank you

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Post by Oleg » Mon 16 Jan 2006 15:58

UniDirect .NET is a .NET Data Provider, and we have no similar product for win32 platform. You can use dbExpress components with our drivers for universal data access with Delphi for Win32.

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