Database Monitoring

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Database Monitoring

Post by ronak.patel » Mon 30 Jul 2012 22:10


I am trying to create a WPF Application once started will monitor (MsSQL,MySQL,Oracle and DB2) databases for following events. When events are fired I want to show them in the Output log of my WPF application, with detains about which row is added, deleted or updated and same with Tables.

1)Row Added to specific Table
2)Row Deleted to specific Table
3)Row Updated to specific Table

4)Table Added
5)Specific Table Updated
6)Table Deleted

I have looked the API , and looks like for Oracle and MySQL , I would need to use

I am not able to locate SqlDependency class for MsSql and for DB2.

Is this the correct way to do it?

Devart Team
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Re: Database Monitoring

Post by Pinturiccio » Wed 01 Aug 2012 13:10

There are the following classes:
1. Devart.Data.MySql.MySqlDependency
2. Devart.Data.Oracle.OracleDependency
3. Devart.Data.SqlServer.SqlDependency

Devart.Data.SqlServer.SqlDependency class exists but it is not described in our help file, we will add all the necessary information and notify you about the results as soon as possible.
There is a sample Dependency. This sample is located in the folder with dotConnect for SQL Server C:\Program Files (x86)\Devart\dotConnect\SQL Server\Samples or in 'Start Menu->All Programs->Devart dotConnect for SQL Server->Samples'
For more information, please refer to ... mples.html

MySqlDependency, OracleDependency, SqlDependency classes are available in the corresponding providers. Unfortunately, this functionality is not available in dotConnect Universal.

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Re: Database Monitoring

Post by ronak.patel » Wed 01 Aug 2012 14:51

Hi Pinturiccio,

Thanks for your reply.

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