Sales Question

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Sales Question

Post by nuntio2000 » Tue 30 Nov 2004 08:02

Do UniDirect includes also MySQLDirect inside ?
Is it developed with standard System.* class?
Is it possible use it with mono under linux?

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Re: Sales Question

Post by Oleg » Tue 30 Nov 2004 09:33

UniDirect .NET doesn't include MySQLDirect .NET, it only supports MySQLDirect as and most of popular providers. For registered users of MySQLDirect .NET we offer 50% discount for the registration of UniDirect .NET. UniDirect .NET implements standard ADO.NET interfaces: IDbConnection, IDbCommand, IDbDataAdapter, so UniDirect .NET is a standard ADO.NET data provider. In its turn it uses another providers inside itself. You can read about UniDirect .NET architecture in the article at UniDirect .NET reference. We haven't tested UniDirect .NET with mono under linux now, but we are planning to test and release versions of all our providers for mono.