Error with : CoreLab.UniDirect.UniCommandBuilder.RefreshSchema() and AddIn in German-VS

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Error with : CoreLab.UniDirect.UniCommandBuilder.RefreshSchema() and AddIn in German-VS

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Not recieving any answer :evil: from '' after sending the error two time I will try here.

03.04.2005 :
I am resending this since was no answer up to now.

It would be nice to get rid of this warning when using UniDirect with MySql.

I have also noticed that when being used on a non-English Visual Studio the AddIn reports

An error is (shown in a Message Box) at every start of VS because it is looking for an English term in the Menu that is not found in the German Version (I forgot to bring the Protocol from Work where it written – if you need this I will send it to you). This is very annoying.

Otherwise I have no problems.

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany

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Betreff: Error with : CoreLab.UniDirect.UniCommandBuilder.RefreshSchema()

Error with : CoreLab.UniDirect.UniCommandBuilder.RefreshSchema()

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany

Problems when using the Demo's (here DataSet)
- only with UniDirect (not with MySqlDirect)

- in both C# and VB
- for use with MySql, MsSql and Access Databases
- when changes in the "SELECT" Statement has been made in
- System.Windows.Forms.TextBox tbSql;
and "Fill" is pressed
I allways recieve the following error:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at CoreLab.UniDirect.UniCommandBuilder.RefreshSchema()

at DataSet.DataSet.MainForm.tbSql_Leave(Object sender, EventArgs e)

in F:\mj10777.Projekte\CoreLib\Samples_UniDirect\DataSet\VB\MainForm.vb:line 225
- when "Fill" is pressed again, the DataGrid fills properly.
- when the "SELECT" Statement is again changed the error reaccures
with "Fill" having to be pressed twice.
In the VB Sample the only changes made was to put in correct Connection settings

(SQL Server is missing and MySql/Access does not work at all)

- thus you should be able to get this error yourself.
In case you are interested, I have sent you the changes the C# version of "Common" and "DataSet"

that would make the Demo more impressive. The Sql Statement included (\Sql) will of
course not work without the Access Database - but it shows what is possible
- it is the Sql that results from an Access Query and works on MsSql/MySql when the Syntax is changed.
I have included a .jpg of the Error and the C# and VB Error Text in the Archiv.
Since I wish to use the Functionality of DataSet in my Project, I would like to get this working.

Otherwise I have not run into any problems as of yet.

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany


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Post by Oleg » Fri 29 Apr 2005 14:37

We have fixed bug with CoreLab.UniDirect.UniCommandBuilder.RefreshSchema.
Look forward for the next build.