New builds of ADO.NET Providers for Cloud Applications are available!

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New builds of ADO.NET Providers for Cloud Applications are available!

Post by Devart » Thu 18 Jun 2020 13:10

Dear users,

New builds of ADO.NET Providers for Cloud Applications are available for download now. An important new feature in this update is that dotConnect for Dynamics CRM now supports OAuth 2.0 authentication. You can find more information about it in our blog article.

The list of changes for the new builds:
  • Visual Studio 2019 version 16.7 Preview is supported
  • Dynamics OAuth is supported (Dynamics CRM)
  • The MultiSelect Option Set columns are supported (Dynamics CRM)
  • The OrderItems field is added to the SalesOrder table in Magento API v2 provider (Magento)
  • The INSERT operation is supported for the SalesOrder table in Magento API v2 provider (Magento)
  • The Opened table is added to Mailchimp API v3 provider (Mailchimp)
  • The bug with retrieving metadata from the Cases table is fixed (SugarCRM)
Entity Developer
  • The new property Collection Property Type is added to EF template "DbContext" and EF Core template "EF Core" to determine .NET type used as a property type for the Many end of associations
  • The new property Collection Initialization Type is added to EF template "DbContext" and EF Core template "EF Core" to determine .NET type used for initialization of the Many end of association; if it is set to None, then no initialization is generated
  • The new property "Nullable Reference Types" is added to C# templates of EF, EF Core models to specify whether C# 8 nullable reference types and non-nullable reference types must be generated
  • The new partial method is added to the OnModelCreating(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder) method generated by DbContext template of EF model
  • The EF Core model deserialization is improved: Entity Developer shows the full list of detected errors and tries to load the model with invalid elements or ignores such elements if their deserialization is not possible
  • Console Entity Developer improvements:
    • The bug with enumerating values separated with comma and without whitespace in --Templates, --Schemas, --Tables parameters is fixed
  • The DbProviderFactories registration is implemented in Create Model Wizard for EF6 models and .NET Framework provider assemblies
  • The new property Target Framework is added to Create Model Wizard and Model Settings of EF6 models
  • The compatibility issue with JetBrains ReSharper is fixed
  • The behavior is changed: the definition of auto-implemented property is put now on the single line with
    • C# DbContext template of Devart Entity Model when ImplementINotifyPropertyChanging=False and ImplementINotifyPropertyChanged=False and PropertyChangePartialMethods=False
    • C# EF Core template of Devart EF Core Model when PropertyChangeNotifiers=False and PropertyChangePartialMethods=False
  • The behavior is changed: the names of system types are generated without "System." prefix now in EF Core models; for example, it is DateTime instead of System.DateTime
  • The behavior is changed: now the EF Core template generates an additional partial class for the context class when "File Per Class" and "Generate Partial Class" are set to True
  • The bug with missing default value in the generated code basing on DEFAULT value in a data, when any of ImplementINotifyPropertyChanging, ImplementINotifyPropertyChanged, PropertyChangePartialMethods options of DbContext template in EF is turned on, is fixed
  • The bug with generating .HasMany end of one-to-many association in EF Core Model is fixed
  • The bug with generating TPH mapping in EF Core 3 model is fixed
  • The bug with false appearing the "Table or view '...' has no primary key columns, and the entity key for the corresponding storage entity was calculated automatically from other fields." warning in the Error List window is fixed
  • The bug with generating new Guid() with Primitive Default Value Generation=Literal in EF, EF Core models is fixed
Entity Framework
  • Entity Framework 6.4.4 is supported
  • The translation of the DateTime.AddMinutes() method in LINQ query into SQL statement in EF Core is supported
  • The bug with adding / subtracting DateTime and TimeSpan, DateTimeOffset and TimeSpan values in LINQ query in EF Core 3 is fixed

Devart development team