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New builds of ADO.NET Providers for Cloud Applications are available!

Posted: Fri 13 Sep 2019 18:07
by Devart
Dear users,

New builds of ADO.NET Providers for Cloud Applications are available for download now.

The list of changes for the new builds:
  • BigCommerce API version 3 is supported
  • The integration with Visual Studio 2019 is improved: now the installation detects both 2019 Release and 2019 Preview versions
  • The behaviour is changed: web login now uses the operating system default browser for logging in to MailChimp
  • The parsing error message returned by Salesforce Marketing Cloud is improved
  • The bug with using constants in SQL queries is fixed (Salesforce)
  • The bug with updating the Time field is fixed (Salesforce)
Entity Developer
  • The behaviour is changed: a plural form of names ending with "s" now has a longer version (for example, status -> statuses)
  • The bug with copying a property with Primary Key=True / Entity Key=True to a complex type is fixed
  • The bug with naming of a composing unique key by Create Model Wizard / Update From Database Wizard in EF Core is fixed
  • The bug with invalid attempt to cast unsupported Visual Studio project to type 'VSLangProj.VSProject' is fixed
Entity Framework support
  • The bug with using the same database connection in several EF Core contexts is fixed
  • The bug with applying a value converter to .Where expression with .Contains on nullable enum in EF Core 2 is fixed

Devart development team