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ADO.NET Provider Error IIS

Posted: Fri 14 Mar 2014 13:43
by jappenzeller
Reinstalled dotconnect for salesforce and it seems to have fixed the issue. I may have had an older or trial version on there I guess.

The ADO.NET provider with invariant name 'Devart.Data.Salesforce' is either not registered in the machine or application config file, or could not be loaded

"An error occurred when trying to create a controller of type 'LeadsController'. Make sure that the controller has a parameterless public constructor."

I'm getting this error on my production server but not my development server. I have installed dotconnect for salesforce on both thinking the library wasn't there but it didn't solve the issue. It seems it's somehow affecting the ninject instantiation of my controller.

This section is in my web.config,
<defaultConnectionFactory type="System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.SqlConnectionFactory, EntityFramework" />
<provider invariantName="System.Data.SqlClient" type="System.Data.Entity.SqlServer.SqlProviderServices, EntityFramework.SqlServer" />
<provider invariantName="Devart.Data.Salesforce" type="Devart.Data.Salesforce.Entity.SalesforceEntityProviderServices, Devart.Data.Salesforce.Entity, Version=2.4.324.6, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=09af7300eec23701" />

Re: ADO.NET Provider Error IIS

Posted: Mon 17 Mar 2014 20:52
by Shalex
Please confirm that the issue is solved.

If not, specify the call stack of the error with all inner exceptions.