Need Help Generating Database from Model

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Need Help Generating Database from Model

Post by jtdayusa » Wed 07 Mar 2012 18:31

I'm trying to build a SQL Server database from the SalesForce model I've generated and can't figure out how. The Generate Database wizard is disabled in the Model Designer window after I generate the model.

Any ideas? I realize I'm probably missing the obvious.


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Post by Helen » Tue 13 Mar 2012 08:59

Currently Entity Developer doesn't support Update Database From Model wizard and Generate Database Script wizard for Salesforce models because of the specificity of working with Salesforce data.

Try the following:
1) Create a standard .edmx model in Visual Studio 2010
2) Remove the connectionString to the Salesforce database from the application config file and save the file.
3) Make sure that DDL Generation Template property of a conceptual model is set to "".
4) In the shortcut menu of the diagram select Generate Database from Model.
5) In the Generate Database Wizard specify the connection to the MS SQL database and click Next.

Now you have the script for SQL Server database.

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