Connecting in Direct Mode

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P Scott
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Connecting in Direct Mode

Post by P Scott » Wed 24 Jul 2013 13:38

My database access is fine in "regular" mode. I tried to follow your example in the "Readme" file for Direct Mode and Encryption. But when i change the connection to Direct Mode, I get the error:
"Could not find Metadata: TDBXDevartSQLite MetaData Command factory; package: DbxDevartSQLiteDriver160.bpl. Add DbxDevartSQLite to your uses."

But I have that in the "uses", and the bpl file named is in the path and I believe I have the updated version (file date 5/17/13 and size 145). At least I did the update from Devart after direct mode was announced.

Always same error message with the things I tried. I would like to change an existing, working database in "regular" mode to be in Direct mode. I have many parameters, etc. set and working in "non-direct mode". After changing to Direct Mode, I tried blanking all of the parameters from the working connection and just adding the essential ones - Is that a good approach???

Also, when going to direct mode, should I remove the "vendor lib" that says "sqlite3.dll"?
(I tried it both ways).
P Scott

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Re: Connecting in Direct Mode

Post by AlexP » Thu 25 Jul 2013 08:25


We cannot reproduce the problem.. Encryption in the Direct mode works correctly and there are no specified errors. Please try creating a new application and reproduce the problems on it. If the problems repeat, please send this application to alexp*devart*com

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