3 Pane Mixed View for merge

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3 Pane Mixed View for merge

Post by SDShooter » Thu 04 Sep 2014 00:51


I'm trying to launch CodeMerge with the 3 Pane Mixed view selected. I've found the /2, /3, and /threeway command line switches mentioned, but nothing for the view I want. Also fantastic would be the ability to save default window proportions for various views, but I couldn't find anywhere to do this.

Any help would be appriaced.


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Re: 3 Pane Mixed View for merge

Post by AlexeyN » Thu 04 Sep 2014 10:47


According to our help file, you can only control behavior of the two-way merge or the default 3-way merge: http://www.devart.com/codecompare/docs/ ... d_line.htm

I added your suggestion to our project management tool.

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