Code compare in combi with Vault 4

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Code compare in combi with Vault 4

Post by Koob » Wed 22 May 2013 13:06


I would like to use Code Compare in combination with SourceGear Vault (v4), because cc is far superior over the standard sourcegear diff tool.
Problem is that vault, when retreiving a file from history, will not take into account the file extension: the file name is something like 35727637.27683
Therefore Code Compare will not apply the correct type settings like code highlighting.

Is there a way to let Code Compare evaluate the contents of the file to figure out the type of the file instead of using the extension?
I think 95% of the files are files. Is it possible to set this as the default type for Code Compare?


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Re: Code compare in combi with Vault 4

Post by AlexeyN » Wed 22 May 2013 13:29

Hello. You can setup the Code Compare default language from Options dialog box (Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Default language)
You can also change the current document's language using Language drop-down list on the Code Comparison toolbar.

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