No Undo action with copy left/right via keyboard shortcut

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No Undo action with copy left/right via keyboard shortcut

Post by byggwir » Thu 07 Feb 2013 07:02

Hi, I am currently evaluating CodeCompare and saw some issues on my machine:
I tested with CodeCompareGui to have a standalone window in Visual Studio and with the integrated window in VS. Both tests the difference view was started via the Pending changes window.

For CodeCompareGui (standalone compare of files from Visual studio started):
If I compare files and copy a difference from left file to right file with
1. ALT+CTRL+RightArrow there is no Undo-Action available and I cannot undo the operation.
2. If I do the same with the buttons directly at the difference I can undo the operation.
3. If I use the toolbar button to copy left to right I cannot undo the operation.

For CodeCompare.exe embedded in Visual Studio comparing TFS checked out item same issue with additional findings in point 3:
1. Alt+Ctrl+right does not work
2. Buttons at difference inline: Can undo and works fine. The in parallel opened source code file in VS is not changed.
3. Toolbar buttons: Undo does not work. Closing the difference window (without saving) leaves the opened source code with the copied changes. I had to manually undo the changes in the opened source file.

Until now I am impressed by the program. Nice work. I like it.
Only drawback I can see for me is it is a lot slower starting up than my previous 3rd party compare program for VS and TFS. But it compares much nicer with the code awareness.

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Re: No Undo action with copy left/right via keyboard shortcut

Post by AlexeyN » Thu 07 Feb 2013 13:03

Hello. Undo operations history is different for each comparison pane.
When you use the 'Replace to Right(Left)' shortcut key (or click the corresponding toolbar button), the text is copied from one pane to the other, but the cursor remains in the source pane. So, nothing changes in the source pane and Undo operation will not affect your operation by shortcut key. When you do this by clicking the button directly at the difference, the text is copied and the cursor moves to the target pane, and, in this case, Undo will affect the diff operation.
You can use shortcuts 'Ctrl + 1', 'Ctrl + 2', 'Ctrl + 3' to fast navigate between comparison panes.

Concerning Code Compare launch speed, we will significantly improve it in our next release.

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