VBA modules

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VBA modules

Post by mmckeegan » Thu 13 Dec 2012 03:56

I recently used CC to compare versions of a large module in an Office application by exporting the modules to .bas text files. The comparison worked perfectly, but when I tried a structure comparison it was "inapplicable". Since VBA is essentially Visual Basic (the export adds some attribute headers) I was wondering if there's anything I could "tweak" to coerce CC into doing the structure comparison?


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Re: VBA modules

Post by AlexeyN » Thu 13 Dec 2012 12:27

No, Code Compare doesn't support VBA structure comparison, and there are no workarounds applicable to your case. If you would like us to implement this improvement in the future versions, please create and describe you suggestion in detail at UserVoice: http://devart.uservoice.com/forums/93035-code-compare
If it receives enough votes, we will implement it in one of the next versions.

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