Memory Leak in VS plugin

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Memory Leak in VS plugin

Post by llewellyn.falco » Mon 30 Apr 2012 18:02

I use code compare a lot, because it works great with approval tests.

This is probably a different use case than you are expecting. I means I will open a diff tool maybe once every 2 minutes, or 240 times a day. as a result I have detected a memory leak you might not be aware of. None of these files are very big ( < 30 lines) and once the memory is full, it doesn't matter the size of the file, you have to restart VS to get it to work again.

would love if this was fixed.

ps. if you are interested in how I am using code compare, there's a short video here:

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Post by Artem » Tue 08 May 2012 10:59

Thank you for the information about this problem. We will search memory leaks on our side. But take note that Visual Studio 2010 itself has some memory leaks when creating new documents, and every time when opening new comparison, at least two new documents are created.

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