Code Compare 2.70 is available!

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Code Compare 2.70 is available!

Post by Artem » Wed 19 Oct 2011 15:38

Dear users,

Code Compare and Code Compare Pro, v2.70 are available for download now.

New comparison tools support 3-way merge and can be used both as a Visual Studio add-in and a standalone application.

This version includes:
  • 64-bit mode in standalone Code Compare is supported
  • Highlighting and navigation through merge conflicts are added
  • Rules-based folder comparison is added
  • Inserts before/after selected text blocks are supported
  • Buttons to move all changes in files and folders at once were added
  • Independent file and folder history for each pane is added
  • Automatic file choosing in inactive panes is added
  • Syntax highlight for ActionScript and Tcl/Tk is supported
  • Automatic integration into version control systems is added
  • Enabling/disabling integration into Windows Explorer after installation is added
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