Why does CodeCompare launch in a different instance of VS?

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Why does CodeCompare launch in a different instance of VS?

Post by jeremyrfoster » Thu 04 Aug 2011 19:02

When I have two (or more) instances of VS2010 open and I go to my pending checkins panel and launch comparison on a file, it launches CodeCompare in a different instance of VS2010. Also, sometimes it appears to launch CC in a standalone app window. I would rather just always launch in a new standalone CC app. Is there any way to control this?
Note, I have a /b switch on the difference option because (based on a previous thread) we found that VSS likes to block and CC won't launch at all.


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Post by Artem » Mon 08 Aug 2011 13:16

When another Visual Studio instance is opened, while standalone is not, then comparison opens in that Visual Studio instance. If you would like to use standalone all the time, you should specify /environment=standalone in command line arguments. See "Environment Choosing Order for Comparison Opening" help topic for details.

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