CodeCompare requires to close '.aspx' editor to proceed

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CodeCompare requires to close '.aspx' editor to proceed

Post by joey » Tue 31 Aug 2010 20:55

when I try to compare .aspx or .ascx files that are open in VS2010 I get the above message box. If I lick on the yes button, the file is closed in VS, if I click on No, the comparison is cancelled.
This behavior is only tru for the above file types. It is not forcing me to close other type of files like .cs or .config.
What is the reason for closing these file types, and more importantly, how can I get around this (annoying) behavior?
Thanks, Joey.

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Post by Artem » Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:01

The reason for closing some file types is that they cannot be cloned (Window->New Window is disabled). We will consider carefully this issue to improve the usability.

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