CodeCompare 2.00 Beta is available!

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CodeCompare 2.00 Beta is available!

Post by Artem » Mon 02 Aug 2010 13:46

Dear users,

CodeCompare Pro 2.00 Beta and CodeCompare 2.00 Beta are available for download now.

CodeCompare Pro is a new product that offers you additional features of the source comparing - a Structure Comparison and a Difference Explorer. However CodeCompare stays free and will be developed in future keeping all of currently available features.

These versions include:
  • Structure comparison*
  • Difference Explorer*
  • Folder comparison
  • Word by word comparison
  • Case ignoring option
  • Swap files and folders
  • Visualize moved blocks
  • Lexical parsing
  • Fixed bug related to block drawing in custom zoom
  • Fixed bugs related to collapsed regions
  • Fixed out of memory exception on huge files
  • Fixed bug related to SQL supporting
* - these features are available only in CodeCompare Pro.

Devart development team