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BCD Overflow

Posted: Mon 23 Mar 2015 13:51
by evandro.abreu
Hello, is taking place the following error: BCD Overflow.
The error occurs when the following line:

vlTotal: = QATPR.fieldbyname.('vl_fixado').AsFloat;

EnableBCD is true.
Driver version 3.5.7
Delphi 7
PostgreSQL 9.1

How do I correct this problem?

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Re: BCD Overflow

Posted: Tue 24 Mar 2015 13:44
by azyk
The 'BCD Overflow' error message can occur when the value retrieved from the database exceeds a limitation for the TBcd type in Delphi 7. For example, when the number of digits in such BCD value exceeds 32 (in PostgreSQL - numeric(33,1)). In such cases, the error is generated by Delphi - and we can't affect this behavior.

Please specify the data type you are using for the 'vl_fixado' field in PostgreSQL.