SimpleDataSet cannot load metadata for PostgreSQL

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SimpleDataSet cannot load metadata for PostgreSQL

Post by Eden0928 » Thu 26 Apr 2012 02:42

SimpleDataSet.DataSet.CommandType := ctTable

When I try to click Commandtext to select table, get a error message:
"Cannot load metadata for PostgreSQL. Add driver unit to your uses (DbxInterBase or DbxDb2 or DbxMsSql or DBXMySQL or DbxOracle or DbxSybaseASA or DbxSybaseASE)."


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Post by AlexP » Thu 26 Apr 2012 07:48


Presently, our drivers don't support obtaining metadata in design-time. You can manually specify the table name for resolving the problem. We are going to implement this feature in one of the next versions of the product.

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