problems with parameters, too

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problems with parameters, too

Post by robertoicardi » Wed 28 Jan 2009 11:36

Dears sirs,

great idea of doing a dbexpress driver for PostgreSQL, when it will work properly I will buy it for sure :D
I have a fairly complicated app already working with dbexpress and PostgreSQL from your concurrent, so I can be a very good test case for you, I think

For the moment, at the first test the first problems I've created a simple app with Delphi2006, with the classic sqlconnection, sqlquery, datasetprovider, clientdataset etc. The query was the classic select * from customers where cd_nation = :NATION
Then added a button, when user press close the clinentdataset, takes the content of editbox, apply to parameter in sqlquery and reopen clientdataset. At first opening all is ok, but when I try to reexecute the same I receive "Assertion failure".

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Post by Plash » Thu 29 Jan 2009 13:41

We have fixed this problem. The fix will be included in the next build of the driver.

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