PgDAC and PostgreSQL Cloud services

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PgDAC and PostgreSQL Cloud services

Post by gside » Mon 02 Dec 2019 17:35


Is there any specific requirement when using a Postgres database hosted at a cloud provider (like enterprisedb or heroku), using PgDAC and SecureBridge?

I never used such architecture, so sorry for these basic questions:
- is connection to these cloud providers similar to regular C/S setup: setup and use a TLS connection, provide the server IP address, and use the embedded PgDAC client? or is an ODBC driver required?
- is there any recommendation when using PgDAC with a cloud database, regarding performances and reliability?

Any feedback is welcome,

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Re: PgDAC and PostgreSQL Cloud services

Post by MaximG » Wed 04 Dec 2019 15:41

1. Using our product a PostgreSQL database hosted at a cloud provider is no different from using a regular PostgreSQL database and doesn't require any external libraries or ODBC drivers.
The connection instructions are provided in our documentation:

2. PgDAC doesn't have any dedicated options for cloud instances of the database. In your particular case, it is recommended to use a special Disconnected Mode:

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