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Wide(*)Fields for Unicode

Posted: Wed 13 Apr 2016 13:26
by durumdara
Dear Support!

As we experienced you change field types in Unicode mode.

As I think in the new version of Delphis the TStringField can handle unicode values.
So may you don't need to change the field types (only in Char = AnsiChar versions).

Maybe it based on "same logic" in every PGDAC version?

Would you like to send information about it?

Thank you!


Re: Wide(*)Fields for Unicode

Posted: Fri 15 Apr 2016 08:54
by azyk
PgDAC is compatible with Delphi versions that support Unicode and with versions without Unicode (before RAD Studio 2009). Therefore PgDAC will use the same classes for all these versions:

- if TPgConnection.Options.UseUnicode=True, then TWideStringField will be used for string fields
- if TPgConnection.Options.UseUnicode=False, then TStringField will be used for string fields

This behavior of PgDAC is correct.