Very slow TPgQuery

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Very slow TPgQuery

Post by gev » Tue 11 Nov 2014 13:37


i am new hier so maybe is this old question. I am using XE7 and connectiong to PostgreSQL server with SSL.
In one procedure i calling with TPgQuey a Storeprocedure with 25 columns.
Performance is one call every sec, but if i use in the same instalaltion other PGcomponetns and calling the same functions i get 3-4 calls in one second, so 3 a 4 times more. Is there a reason for this?
I was hoping that Devart components will be faster but hier i see oposite, ofcorse there are ore options in devart components thats why i am asking if i do something wrong or ??
It is the same computer same internet and the same server so that is not the problemm.


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Re: Very slow TPgQuery

Post by azyk » Wed 12 Nov 2014 05:27

Unfortunately we couldn't reproduce the problem as you have described it. Please, try to compose a small sample to demonstrate the problem including a script to create test tables and send it to andreyz*devart*com .

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