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Open statement

Posted: Thu 26 Jun 2014 10:32
by piopio1

I am trying to improve the performance of a SELECT statement in PGQuery. In addition to set the correct DB indexes, to reduce the number of data to retrieve, what other general advices would you give ? I know this is a very general question but I am just looking for general guidelines.

I have also noticed that setting PGQuery.Prepare= false improves the performance.

Many thanks
Pio Pio

Re: Open statement

Posted: Fri 27 Jun 2014 15:47
by azyk

In order to understand how to increase performance, including on data fetching, using PgDAC behavior, you can read our recommendations in the article ... rmance.htm

For common cases, performance depends not on PgDAC, but on DBMS performance. Therefore forward your questions concerning PostgreSQL server configuration to PostgreSQL developers and documentation.

In addition, you should take into account that PGQuery.Prepare = False can increase performance not for all cases, but for specific ones. And thus, performance depends on PostgreSQL server only, and not on PgDAC.