Manually Recalc Fields

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Manually Recalc Fields

Post by dschuch » Thu 26 Nov 2009 08:52


i know that this is not a standard and also not supported by design. But i need a solution to manually refresh the Calced Fields.

The Problem is that in a Master-Detail dataset the Master should show a different Sum in dependence of which detail DataSetRecord is selected. (this ia not the need i have but it will explain the problem (e.g. different currency's or discount's))

So i need to Recalc the Calced Fields of the Master. Currently i do that by RefreshRecord but that forces much DB-Load. The solution can be proprietary too, everything is done in a Class Structure so there will be only one sourceline ^^ I know PGDAC is very flexible so i think there should be a solution ^^

Any Ideas would be great!


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Post by Plash » Thu 26 Nov 2009 14:09

You can call Edit and then Cancel to recalculate fields.

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