PgDAC 7.1 with PostgreSQL 14 Support is Available

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PgDAC 7.1 with PostgreSQL 14 Support is Available

Post by Devart » Mon 13 Dec 2021 15:32

We are pleased to announce the release of PgDAC 7.1 with the support of PostgreSQL 14.

What's new in this release:
  • PostgreSQL 14 is supported
  • OUT parameters in stored procedures for PostgreSQL 14 are added
  • The PoolId connection pool option is added
  • Fixed bug with Access Violation on RefreshRecord after connection switching
  • Fixed bug with application name when connection pooling is used
  • Fixed bug with using "ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING" in batch operations
  • Fixed bug with processing large OID values
  • Fixed bug with freezing multiply connection pools in threads
  • Fixed bug with using the AsDate property when working with fields of the ftDate type
  • Fixed bug with updating the state of records at applying cached updates
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