Add folders to Database Explorer?

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Add folders to Database Explorer?

Post by MEngelbyDev » Mon 18 Nov 2019 19:13

I manage roughly 10 different databases, each with their own QA / Test / Production instances. I use the category feature when making the connections and that certainly helps in regards to making sure I am operating on the right type of instance. In Database Explorer my listing of connections is a bit long, at least 30 entries plus more for when I need to do user specific validation. It certainly would be handy to be able to put similar connections into a folder that I designate for that database instance. Certainly in my use case I would use that quite often as it would be a handy quality-of-life improvement to the product.

Would it be possible to get Folders to organize connections?

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Re: Add folders to Database Explorer?

Post by alexa » Tue 19 Nov 2019 11:02

You can vote for the following suggestions on the UserVoice forum:

We collect and analyze the information from this forum in order to make a proper roadmap for the future product releases.

Also, you may be interested in the Document Category feature:
1. Right-click a connection in Database Explorer and select 'Modify Connection...' from the popup menu. The 'Database Connection Properties' dialog opens.
2. In the 'Document Category' drop-down menu, select one of the available options or add a new one by clicking the three-dotted button.

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