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Comparison vs Synchronization

Posted: Wed 30 Oct 2019 12:21
by devinsoft
I'm evaluating dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server with a view to using it for updating a database table with externally provided data.

We receive an Excel spreadsheet from a 3rd party which an SSIS package imports into a table. We then want to compare the table with the production server to determine what differences have occurred. As the Excel spreadsheet doesn't include our identity column we cannot just replace the table.

I have successfully created a comparison which uses a supplied unique key in the spreadsheet and correctly identifies the differences. Some of the differences are not important to the comparison but are required in the table. I have managed to exclude the columns in the comparison so we are only seeing the important changes.

The problem I'm facing is with the synchronization script. When updating and inserting rows, the columns that are not in the comparison are left out.

Is there a way to get columns that aren't in the comparison included in the synchronization?

Re: Comparison vs Synchronization

Posted: Fri 01 Nov 2019 17:56
by alexa
dbForge generates a sync script basing on the *.scomp schema comparison file. So, the objects, that appear in the *.scomp schema comparison document and are not equal, will go to the sync script unless you manually modify the file.

However, if you provide us the compared Source and Target objects and describe the case in more detail, we could try to get a proper solution for you.

You can send a reply straight to our support system at alexaATdevartDOTcom and supportATdevartDOTcom .