Login failed for user ''.

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Login failed for user ''.

Post by Spacen » Wed 09 Jan 2019 18:40

Let me explain my setup before I get into the problem.

I am on a local enterprise network. My SQL server is on an Azure VM on it's own AD domain with no trust relationship. We have a VPN tunnel between the local network and our Azure environment. I am able to do things like RDP across this tunnel with zero issues.

I am a new dbForge Studio user and here is what does work: I am able to connect to local SQL servers using Active Directory Integrated Authentication just fine. I am able to connect to our SQL server in Azure just fine using SQL authentication.

What doesn't work: I am unable to connect to the Azure SQL server using Active Directory Password Authentication no matter what I do. I am able to connect to the Azure SQL server within the Azure environment using SSMS using the same AD account I am trying to use in dbForge across domains so I am confident it isn't a permissions issue. I have tried just the username. I have tried domain\username. I have tried username@domain. The error I get is always the same: Login failed for user ''. For some reason, the error returns the username as blank when I clearly enter it into the database connection properties.

Does anyone have any insights for me? I appreciate your help in advance.

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Re: Login failed for user ''.

Post by alexa » Mon 14 Jan 2019 14:30

Could you please perform the following:
1. Select 'Tools -> Options...' from the main menu. The 'Options' window opens.
2. Navigate to the 'Environment -> Output' branch.
3. Select the 'Write queries sent by the program to the SQL Log' and 'Log application errors' options.
4. Unselect the 'Delete application log after closing' option. Click 'OK'.
5. Reproduce the issue and send us the *.log file with the latest date from the directory:

Code: Select all

%SystemDrive%\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Devart\dbForge Studio for SQL Server\
You can send a reply straight to our support system at alexaATdevartDOTcom and supportATdevartDOTcom .

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