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SQL Data Generator Licensing Issue on Azure VM

Posted: Fri 04 Jan 2019 18:54
by d.behm
I have SQL Data Generator installed and licensed on a Windows Server 2016 Virtual Machine in Azure that's used as a shared development environment. Every night, this VM is shut down and "deallocated" in Azure to save costs while not in use. When the VM is started again in the morning, there's a new "Hardware ID" and SQL Data Generator acts as if it hasn't been activated yet. This is an issue as we have data generation run daily via the command line in an automated process, and it ends up failing due to to new Hardware ID invalidating the license.

Has anyone experienced something like this yet? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Re: SQL Data Generator Licensing Issue on Azure VM

Posted: Tue 08 Jan 2019 12:33
by alexa
The license of dbForge is bound to the specific HardwareID that is generated by dbForge basing on the motherboard, CPU, HDD of the PC that dbForge is installed on. Once the HardwareID changes, the activation gets reset to the Trial period.

Note, you can have activated one license on two different environments at a time. If you need to activate it on a third one, you need to, first, deactivate the license for one of the previous environments. To deactivate a license, you have to login to Registered Users' Area, click the highlighted in green 'Activated' link against the product and then, in the 'Active Licenses' window, click the 'DEACTIVATE' button against one of the active licenses.