automating data synch with deleting

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automating data synch with deleting

Post by contractdata » Mon 09 May 2022 15:09

We are using data compare to copy new and updated records from a source db to a local db,

As the source deletes records beyond a certain age and we want the local copy to retain all records adding those not already in the local and updating those in the local with changed records from the source, but never deleting those deleted from the source.

This works great in the UI simply unchecking boxes but we seem to have no luck with various command line switches trying to achieve the same result.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: automating data synch with deleting

Post by dzhanhira » Thu 12 May 2022 17:35

Hi there,

Unfortunately, it's not really clear what are you doing.

So we would like kindly ask you to provide us with more details about the process you are doing within the interface.

Also, please clarify which checkboxes do you mean?

Screenshots would be appreciated.

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