DataContext life cicle

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DataContext life cicle

Post by -marcelo- » Wed 09 Aug 2017 14:34

LinqConnect and Entity Developer newbie.
My question is related to the DataContext life cicle.
If I want to insert a new entity, I could do

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          SomeEntity instance = new SomeEntity(); 
// set the properties 
          using (DataContext context = new DataContext()) {
// the life cicle of the DataContext is very short
I was seeing the Attach method overloads, specifically Attach(changed, original).
Having that, I could use an instance of DataContext to read the "original" entity and dispose it immediately. After the user is done with editing on a copy (changed) a could instance a new DataContext, Attach both instances and call SubmitChanges()?

Tested: it´s the way to go. Attach( changed, original ); then SubmitChanges();


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Re: DataContext life cicle

Post by Shalex » Thu 10 Aug 2017 15:10

Thank you for confirming solution. As we understood, no investigation on our side is required.

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