Tutorials / sample projects for code generation approach?

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Tutorials / sample projects for code generation approach?

Post by PixelHunter » Sun 02 Jul 2017 12:34

Hi forum,

It seems it posted my question under the wrong Topic "Entity Framework" before, so I will to bring it up under the correct one here (and deleted it there):

I am new to EntitiyFramework and the Entity Developer tool as well, but I write db apps since two decades now.

I like the idea to automate code generation for the recurring code parts very much, that’s what I expect to get here.

Entity Developer is already useful for me to visualize my db model and create the Entities source files.

But my problem is now that I hardly get into the generated code. I miss tutorials regarding the use of the generated code. The provided online help is not very useful regarding that.

Very cool would be to have some videos and or small example projects for each code generation template approach like DbContext, EntityObject, Repository And UnitOfWork…

In general I understand EF and I am able to code sample apps, but I think the Entity Developer generated code is not self explanatory.

Do there are any tutorials out there? I could not find any.


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Re: Tutorials / sample projects for code generation approach?

Post by Shalex » Wed 05 Jul 2017 14:08

More information about templates:
DbContext -> http://blog.devart.com/entity-developer ... plate.html
Repository And Unit of Work -> viewtopic.php?t=24678#p85646

The code generated by Devart templates shipped with Entity Developer implements standard Microsoft interfaces. Please refer to Microsoft documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/ef/.

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