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Edml by schema

Post by jfantunes » Thu 09 Mar 2017 18:48

I have VS 2105 and i'm using EF6.
I'm creating my edml through Devart Entity Model using model first approach.

Now my problem is, i have a database with several schemas and I want to create a edml by schema, the thing is that one schema can sometimes reference other tables in other schema and i can't import these tables to the schema without recreating them.

Is there any alternative to reference classes, tables in one edml to another?

Thank you

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Re: Edml by schema

Post by Shalex » Tue 14 Mar 2017 16:24

Sorry, but the question is not clear.

If you are using Database-First approach, be aware that there are:
* the "Show all schemas" option on the "Select database objects" step in Create Model wizard
* the "Show all objects" button in the Tools > Entity Developer > Database Explorer window

If you are working with Model-First, you can specify the needed schema in the Schema property of storage entity via Tools > Entity Developer > Model Explorer > *.Store > Tables/Views > select your table and press F4 (Properties).

Does this help? If not, send us the DDL script with a description of scenario you want to implement (a) and specify your target database server (b).

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