Accessing Extended Property From Template

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Accessing Extended Property From Template

Post by PatConnelly » Thu 31 Jul 2014 00:27

I have added an extended property to my model: IsIFinancialData and added the last if statement to the following block in the DbContext template:

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    if (cls.BaseInheritance == null) {
      if (ImplementINotifyPropertyChanging)
        baseList = string.IsNullOrEmpty(baseList) ? "INotifyPropertyChanging" : baseList + ", INotifyPropertyChanging";
      if (ImplementINotifyPropertyChanged)
        baseList = string.IsNullOrEmpty(baseList) ? "INotifyPropertyChanged" : baseList + ", INotifyPropertyChanged";
       if ((bool)cls.GetProperty("IsIFinancialData"))
         baseList = string.IsNullOrEmpty(baseList) ? "IFinancialData" : baseList + ", IFinancialData";
When I try to build the template I get the following error:

Custom tool error: Unknown property: 'IsIFinancialData'.

To make sure I wasn't missing something spelling or upper/lower case, I copied/pasted from the properties dialog box. What am I missing?


Patrick Connelly

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Re: Accessing Extended Property From Template

Post by MariiaI » Fri 01 Aug 2014 05:22

The developer can customize the set of properties of any element in the model by declaring extended properties in two ways:
a) in template code:

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<#@ extended name="IsIFinancialData" owner="Property" type="System.Boolean" default="false" #>
b) in Model Properties by right-clicking on diagram surface -> Edit Model Settings -> Model -> Extended Properties and adding the necessary extended property.

Have you defined your extended property in the template code? If the problem persists, please send us your template or model so that we are able to investigate the issue in more details.

Also, we recommend using the last build of Entity Developer 5.7.412: it includes fix "The bug with applying changes after editing the list of the extended properties via the Model Settings dialog is fixed".
Please refer to

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