No Costraints added with Entity Framework 6

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No Costraints added with Entity Framework 6

Post by MonDeveloper » Sat 21 Sep 2013 13:09

Hi Guys, I'm evaluating your brand new provider together with the of Entity Framework 6 RC.
I used docConnect for Oracle during my last 4 years with success and now I would like to upgrade.

When I try to create a new model (Data First) selecting only few (2) tables if I choose Entity Framework < 6 everything works fine, in case of Entity Framework 6 the constraint between the two tables selected is not added and, consequently, no Navigation Property is created!

Is this a tremendous bug or I'm forgetting some steps?

Thanks you guys,

Devart Team
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Re: No Costraints added with Entity Framework 6

Post by MariiaI » Mon 23 Sep 2013 12:50

Please specify the following details:
- the version of dotConnect for Oracle you are using;
- you are using Entity Developer for creating models, not the standard EDM Designer, aren't you?
- the definitions of the database tables, which you are trying to add to the model.

Please also send us the model you are working with, so that we are able to investigate this issue in more details.

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