Can't access the diagram in VS2010.

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Can't access the diagram in VS2010.

Post by Xorcist » Tue 13 Aug 2013 20:59

So I initially started a new web application, added a new Devart NHibernate Model to it, and I was presented with an empty diagram which I then proceeded to fill. Then I saved my project. Everything worked well...

The next day I loaded my project, and I double clicked the DataModel1.hbml file, and I get a XML code listing instead of a diagram. In fact I've tried opening the DataModel1.Diagram.view, DataModel1.edps, and, and none of them get me back to the diagram... could someone clue me in?

Edit: It appears I have to right click the file and "Open With..." then pick Entity Developer. This is really confusing, why would I ever want to go into the XML unless there was a problem? "Open" should just open in in Entity Developer and there should be an option for "View Code".

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Re: Can't access the diagram in VS2010.

Post by Shalex » Wed 14 Aug 2013 15:15

This is a Visual Studio issue (the default program for *.hbml was set to XML Editor for some reason).

Please fix the issue in the following way: Right click on your *.hbml in Solution Explorer > Open With > select Entity Developer and press "Set as Default" > OK.

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